Friday, November 11, 2005

But I've been too busy to say anything here - been wrapping up projects in Atlanta, trying to get new business in Richmond, working on presentations in Miami, mentoring a project rehabilitation in Ft Lauderdale, and prepping to train a class in Jacksonville (where I am right now). Really quick notes:

Harriet Miers pulls nomination - good news there. James Taranto notes that she and Karl Rove were in attendance at a Federalist Society gala and received a round of applause when her presence was noted at the event. Considering this is the Federalist Society, the fact that conservatives applauded her is worthy of note. My 'ilk' and I at NRO never said she was incompetent, just that she wasn't worthy of the highest court in the land given her background. So I thought it was a nice and gracious touch for her to get that consideration.

Paris burning - bad stuff. Most insightful comment to date is from Jonah Goldberg, who says it's too easy to just dismiss this as Muslim rage perpetuating a religious agenda. Still, it's getting easier to understand France's recalitrance about dealing with Iraq - fear of the Islamic base back home.

Scooter Libby indicted - while I have tried to suppress my instincts that this is just a left-wing hatchet job, the facts are coming out that Valerie Plame's employment at the CIA must be the biggest open secret in Washington. If her job wasn't secret, Fitzgerald has no case. I guess somebody had to be indicted to keep the blood in the water to a minimum, but stuff like this is ugly politics.

Having a nice little 'discussion' at this site with someone named 'forty-two' (my favorite Douglas Adams number!). 42's his/her own site, here. (There's a Bear plug for you, 42!)