Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A report from the Amnesty International prepared for the United Nations declares that tortune and inhumane treatment are par for the course if you happen to be a prisoner of the US Government.

Having followed Amnesty International’s reports for many years, this report shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Amnesty International’s politics have pretty much run anti-America on any issue of substance. Besides, look at the evidence. Investigators have been through Guantanamo and other centers for Prisoners of War in Afghanistan and Iraq. You have to look pretty hard to find ANY evidence of abuse anywhere. Guantanamo? The best they can come up with is that a Koran got flushed. Abu Ghraib? Some idiot soldiers got cocky and they got completely slammed for their actions. Secret detention centers around the world? Still just a rumor, but….come on. I’d still rather be a prisoner of the US Armed Forces than in a jail cell in North Korea, Saudi Arabia or pre-liberation Iraq. By comparison, a stint in Guantanamo is Club Med. Muslims have rights a Christian could only dream about in any Islamic jail cell.

It's unfortunate, because by lowering the bar for prisoner abuse here, they raise the bar in other totalitarian countries. Now try going after Zimbabwe's obvious abuses. "What do you mean, we torture our prisoners? At least we're not like big, bad America!!!"